Venera Finance is committed to creating the framework for a future that is more democratic and effective. Engineers, researchers, designers, and entrepreneurs make up our team and all share a common goal in creating a better blockchain service to the world by improving and enhancing products that are in the market, as well as innovating new state of the art products to complete the Venera Ecosystem.  Furthermore, we're aiming to make cutting-edge technologies more broadly available and seamlessly integrated in order to improve everyone's life. 

Our Mission

Is establishing the foundation for a more open, efficient and fairer future for all blockchain users with product suite that helps build an infrastructure service in crypto.

Venera Finance creates an environment that will enable a wide range of mainstream applications towards using blockchain. It's a constantly evolving ecosystem, hence providing technology that combines scalability, decentralization, and security is a priority for Venera.

Our realized projects

Venera has already developed a robust ecosystem. With the help of its native token (VSW) which is built around the Venera Ecosystem, users can stake in iVSW and are rewarded from Venera's revenue stream while simultaneously locking VSW for up to 4 years which drastically reduces the supply while increasing demand .The Venera ecosystem already hosts an AMM DEX, NFT Marketplace, a Non-Custodial Wallet and much more. With the goal to creating their own chain to host Venera ecosystem as a whole and permit third parties to construct whichever they see fit on top of the ecosystem.


Restoring users faith in BSC network and DeFi with an incentivized revenue sharing by using AMM model.
Venera Swap protocol provides user with the trading, staking and farming experience. And much more to come.

Venera Swap


Venera Wallet is a Multi-chain Non-Custodial wallet that hosts most crypto assets such as coins, tokens, and NFTs. Venera wallet will include integrated VeneraSwap swap function as well as integrated Web3 browser to allow users to use their favourite DApp on their favourite chain.

Venera Wallet


Projects in progress

Blockchain Academy
Venera Academy is a learning hub for all crypto enthusiasts providing blockchain and crypto education to the highest level. Whether they are new or wanting to learn something different. The academy will provide courses, news, articles and bootcamps. The Academy will offer courses in the form of NFTs in which will also allow the users to list their own content on the marketplace.
NFT Marketplace
Digital Collectibles and NFT Marketplace - Minting of ones own digital collectibles in seconds. Digitally proving ownership, and streamline value flow. Create and share art, collectibles and more on Venera NFT Marketplace such as: Art Certifications and Licenses Collectibles Credentials Educational Courses Name services
 Research - High level grade analysis and reports. Blockchain data analysis and reports
Layer 1 Blockchain
Chain - Building our very own chain to host our DApps as well as allowing third party users to build and create products and DApps on top of our chain. The chain will be an integral part of the puzzle to unite all products in one complete decentralized ecosystem.

I have a dream - Change the world for the better with blockchain technology. And my team and I will make it happen. 


Venera Finance Roadmap

1 step
Venera launch
2 step
Development started
3 step
Launch of VeneraSwap
4 step
Audit and KYC
5 step
Info/Analytics and listings
6 step
Development of Venera Wallet
7 step
Development of Venera NFT Marketplace
8 step
Development of Venera Academy
9 step
Release of Venera Wallet
10 step
Release of Venera NFT Marketplace
11 step
Release of Venera Academy
12 step
Development of Venera Chain starts
13 step
Launch of Venera Ecosystem

Looking ahead, Venera aims to expand and add a wide range of DApps and products to its ecosystem in order to build a fully decentralized financial ecosystem.

Partners and Listing