We permanently protect and respect your privacy at VENERA Finance. The actual Privacy and Cookie Policy ( ‘Privacy Policy’ further) is always in charge of the access to and use of the Website, VENERA.Finance ( ‘Website’ further), as well as connected content, software, and apps for mobile phones (in short ‘Service’). The actual Privacy Policy contains the Terms of Use that you can find a Venera Finance.

The actual Privacy Policy describes under what conditions and for what reasons the personal information about users who visit the Website or use the Services is collected. Moreover, the Privacy Policy shows in what way the personal information is used, the cases when we might disclose personal information to other sides and how we manage to keep personal information secured. The Privacy Policy elucidates how cookies and related technology on our Website are used, too.

The Privacy Policy may be changed sometimes. To avoid misunderstandings, please, check the actual page constantly in order to be satisfied with all possible changes.  Please, mind, that using the Website or the Services, you show your agreement to be bound by the Privacy Policy.

What Information Do We Collect?

VENERA Finance ( ‘VENERA Finance’, ‘we’ or ‘us’) gathers (1) the e-mail addresses of people who keep in touch with us with the help of e-mail; (2) collects data concerned what pages users access or visit exactly; (3) data given by users (for instance, research information and/or site registrations); (4) financial statistic information given by users for user syncing and information aims; and (5) information related to the use of the Website and/or the mobile apps, including IP addresses, users’ locations, date and time of requests.

How Do We Use the Information?

VENERA Finance collects data in order to:

  1. carry out a contract or take measures associated with a contract such as processing our users’ registrations on the actual Website or sending our users notifications about improvements in our terms or policies.
  2. Where it is required for aims that are in VENERA Finance’s or third parties’ lawful interests for example (1) to give the data or content you have inquired; (2) to contact you about the programs, products, features or services; (3) for internal business purposes for instance identification and authentication or customer service, portfolio tracking and user preference syncing between devices; (4) to check the security of the actual Website, by trying to avoid unauthorized or malicious activities; (5) to enforce compliance with our Terms of Use and other policies; (6) to help other companies (for example copyright owners) to enforce their rights; and (7) to tailor content, advertisements, and offers for you or for other purposes disclosed at the time of collection. If you do not want to receive marketing notifications about the programs, products, features or services, be as kind as to send an email to us in this case.
  3. Where you prove your agreement, for instance (1) where you ask for sending marketing notifications to you per a medium where we need your agreement, including alerts per push notifications on mobile phones; (2) where you allow us to place cookies and to use similar technologies; and (3) in various situations if we ask you for agreement, for a goal which we discover at that time.
  4. Where VENERA Finance is legitimately required to do this. Besides, it might supply access to our users’ personally identifiable data if legitimately required to do this, to collaborate with police investigations or other legal proceedings, to protect against misuse or unauthorized use of our Website, to limit our legal liability and protect our rights, or to protect the rights, property or safety of visitors of the Website or the public. In these situations, the data is provided only for these purposes.

How Do We Share Your Information?

VENERA Finance never shares personal data to different companies so as to get commercial benefits, except to give products or services users have requested. One more  case is when the Website has user’s permission, or in the following situations:

  1. it is a necessity to provide some data to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, cases meaning potential threats to the physical safety of people, any violation of Terms of Service, or any case required by law.
  2. The Website provides data about users if VENERA Finance is acquired by or merged with another organization. Having met with such a case, VENERA Finance will notify our users before data transfer.
  3. VENERA Finance supplies such data to reliable businesses or individualities for the only aim of processing personally identifying information on our behalf. As soon as it is fulfilled, it is subject to agreements that make the parties analyze such data only on our instructions and in accordance with the actual Privacy Policy and appropriate confidentiality and safety measures.
  4. VENERA Finance issues such information to third parties who have gone in for non-disclosure agreements with us.
  5. The Website makes such information available to an organization governed by, or under power with, VENERA Finance for any aim authorized by the actual Privacy Policy.
  6. VENERA Finance might accumulate, anonymize, and publish information for analytical and study aims only. For instance, we might compile and share information connected with the popularity of definite products tracked by users. It should be noted that the information will not be able to be traced back to any person.

Cookies and Web Beacons

A cookie is a tiny amount of information, which generally contains an anonymous unique identifier that is sent to a browser from a Website’s computers and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies are needed to use some VENERA Finance services. VENERA Finance and its ad management partners (‘Ad Partners’ further) make use of cookies to record current session data.

Our Ad Partners may also sometimes use web beacons (also known as Internet tags, pixel tags, as well as clear GIFs). These web beacons are provided by our Ad Partners and allow Ad Partners to gain data (for instance the IP address of the computer) that downloaded the page on which the beacon arises, the URL of the page on which the beacon arises, the time the page involving the beacon was viewed, the type of browser used to view the page, and the data in cookies set by the Ad Partners. Web beacons allow our Ad Partners to acknowledge a unique cookie on your web browser, which in turn let us find out which advertisements exactly lead users to our Website.

With both cookies and web beacon technology, the data that we gather and share is always anonymous and not personally identifiable. It does not contain our users’ names, addresses, geographic locations, telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses.

Data Storage

VENERA Finance makes use of third-party vendors and hosting partners in order to prepare the needed hardware, software, networking, storage, and connected technology required to run VENERA Finance and the actual Website as well as applications for mobile phones. VENERA Finance has the code, databases as well as all rights to the VENERA Finance Website, mobile application and Services, too.


VENERA Finance always takes measures to guarantee the security of our users’ personal data. Please, mind that we cannot warrant that hackers or unauthorized people may get access to your personal data in spite of all our numerous efforts. Please, keep in mind, that by using the VENERA Finance service, your information will be uploaded into the Internet and via third-party infrastructures and Internet networks, which are not under VENERA Finance’s control.

VENERA Finance cannot safeguard, nor does the actual Privacy Policy apply to, any data which you share with other people. Be sure you never give personal or identifying data to other people.

Retention of Your Personal Information

The Website keeps data whilst the necessity to provide the Services requested by our users and others rises, subject to any legal commitments to next keeping such data. The data connected with users’ accounts will usually be kept until there is no further necessity to supply the Services or until users ask us to delete it or their accounts are deleted. It does not matter in what order it occurs. Moreover, the Website might keep data from deleted accounts to comply with the law, prevent fraud, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, assist with investigations, enforce the Terms of Use, and take other actions permitted by law. The data we hold on to will be handled in accordance with the actual Privacy Policy.

Information about our users that is no needed any more and pertinent to give our Services might be de-identified and collected with other non-personal information to give awareness that is beneficially valuable to VENERA Finance. It includes, for instance, statistic data connected to the use of VENERA Finance’s Website and application.


The VENERA Finance service is really not appropriate for kids under sixteen years old, and the Website does not consciously gather data from kids under sixteen years old.

Kids aged 16 or younger ones must not apply any personal data without the permission of their parents or guardians. While using VENERA Finance, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old or that you are at least 16 years old and have your parents’ or guardians’ permission to use the Service.

EU and EEA Users’ Rights

If users are permanently located in the European Union or European Economic Area, they usually own the possibility to access, rectify, download or erase their data, as well as the chance to limit and disapprove to different processing of their data. Whereas a lot of these possibilities apply usually, some opportunities apply only in certain cases. You can see some of these possibilities here:

Our users possess opportunities to access their own personal information and, if such a necessity rises, have it amended, deleted or limited. In some examples, our users may get the possibility to the portability of their personal information. Moreover, users may ask us to not send marketing communications and not to use their personal information when we do profiling for direct marketing purposes. Our users may opt out of getting e-mails and any other marketing communications by following the opt-out instructions given to them in the e-mails. Transactional account messages will be uninfluenced although users opt out from marketing communications.


In case when our users want to raise a question about the use of their data, they own the right to do so with their local supervisory authority. Otherwise, we hope that we can give a hand with any queries or questions that our users may have about the use of their personal data.

Your California Privacy Rights

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

In the last months, VENERA Finance might have gathered, analyzed, and shared, for business aims, users’ data about them in the way it explained in the actual Privacy Policy. Each unit of information might be used by VENERA Finance or joint with third parties also as explained in the actual Privacy Policy. Residents of California possess the right to inquiry access to and deletion of the data VENERA Finance has about them. Such inquiries might be confirmed by email or by mail to VENERA Finance. VENERA Finance will not make financial profit from users’ personal data without their agreement. VENERA Finance will not discriminate against users for exercising their rights under CCPA. VENERA Finance will never:

  • deny access to the actual Services;
  • Charge a different level for the use of the Services; as well as
  • Give a various quality of service.


VENERA Finance might sometimes renovate the policy. It may inform our users concerning important improvements in the way it treats personal data by placing a prominent notice on our Website. Be sure to check back from time to time to make sure that you are satisfied with the improvements. If you do not agree, do not use the Website, the application or the Services, please.