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Decentralized Ecosystem for a Better DeFi Experience

Venera Finance Ecosystem, a suite of interconnected blockchain-based solutions built on BNB Chain and aimed at restoring users' faith in DeFi and providing a seamless, decentralized experience. Our mission is to create a more democratic, secure, and effective future, powered by cutting-edge technologies that are accessible to everyone.

Venera Finance forms the backbone of our ecosystem, bringing together engineers, researchers, designers, and entrepreneurs committed to delivering superior blockchain services. We focus on improving existing products and innovating new ones to build a comprehensive decentralized infrastructure that is easily accessible and beneficial to users worldwide.



VeneraSwap is our innovative decentralized exchange, employing the veToken Model and introducing iVSW. Users can lock VSW tokens for a user-defined period (1 month to 4 years) to receive iVSW in a 1:1 ratio. VeneraSwap is audited by Solidity Finance and has completed KYC with Ape O'Clock, ensuring a secure and reliable platform. Key features include:

  • Farm Boosting up to 2.5x
  • Gauge and Emission Control
  • Fee Redistribution to iVSW Holders
  • Referral System
  • Limit Orders

Venera Swap

Venera Wallet

The Venera Wallet is a non-custodial, multichain wallet with integrated web3 functionality, offering easy access to the VeneraSwap DEX and the NFT marketplace.

This all-in-one app enables users to access the entire ecosystem and transact securely and seamlessly.


Venera Academy

Venera Academy serves as an educational hub for crypto enthusiasts, providing high-quality blockchain and crypto education. Our academy offers courses, news, articles, tests, and bootcamps, empowering users to excel in the world of decentralized finance.

Venera Academy



VeneraChain is our energy-efficient, scalable, and decentralized supplychain management solution that incorporates smart contract capabilities, on-chain governance, and enhanced security features. It is designed to be the foundation of our ecosystem.

Venera NFT Marketplace

Our NFT marketplace aims to revolutionize the way we interact with digital assets by enabling the creation, trade, and usage of NFTs for a wide range of items, such as art, certificates, audio, video, domains, poetry, tickets, and educational content.

Presentation deck


First Phase:

Build a comprehensive ecosystem for users by developing more products and DApps.

Redesign V2.0 of the products.

Expanding the team.

Release Limit Order for VeneraSwap

Design of VeneraChain

Second Phase:

Release Venera NFT Marketplace.

Develop Perpetual trading platform on top of VeneraSwap.

Attract high quality early users

Create a strong momentum around Venera Finance to be a thought leader in DeFi and Web3 Market.

Third Phase:

Going multichain.

NFT aggregator to get the liquidity of the market as a whole in one marketplace.

Heavy marketing.

Release of Venera Wallet

Fourth Stage and Beyond:

Wallet Browser Extension.

Introduction of B2B services which includes NFTs, research, analysis, and development of DApps for the business sector.

NFT MarketPlace for B2B

Lending/Borrowing Protocol for B2B

Create Venera's own native blockchain.