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With the belief that blockchain technology is the future

Venera Finance is committed to leveraging Blockchain and DeFi technology for both professional and personal use, filling a gap in the current quo in industrial Blockchain and DeFi adoption. By building its own network and technology, Venera provides customers with solutions ranging from owning their own EVM blockchain to providing financial services such as launching DEX,a crypto wallet, an NFT marketplace and more.


NFT Marketplace


AN AMM DEX based on Curve veToken model, with boosted farms, emission and governance voting, paving the way for bribe wars. As well as a referral system. VeneraSwap is Audited By Solidity Finance.


Venera Swap

Multichain Non-Custodial Wallet

A Smart Non-Custodial Multichain wallet with integrated web3 functionalities and integrated Venera Swap DEX as well as NFT viewer for an easier experience where the user can access the whole ecosystem and transact from one app


Venera Academy

Venera academy which will be a learning hub for all crypto enthusiasts and new joiners, by providing blockchain and cryptocurrency educational content provided to the highest level with the ability to test your knowlage. The academy will provide courses, news, articles and bootcamps, as well as exclusive content to VSW stakers. The Academy will offer courses in the form of unlockable NFTs in which will also allow the users to list their own content on the marketplace.

Venera Academy


Coming soon 


Venera Chain protocol is it processes and finalizes transactions on its own blockchain. It's network has different solutions to the blockchain technology trilemma of decentralization, security, and scalability. Creating its own chain to host its own dapps as well as allow 3rd party to develop on top of the chain.


Coming soon  

Venera NFT Marketplace

An NFT marketplace offering the listing, minting, auction of Arts, Certificates.

Audio, Video, Domains, Poetry and educational content along side an NFT aggregator in order to provide users with our own and our competitors liquidity

Venera products presentations


2022 First Phase:
Swap, Wallet
2023 Second Phase:
Academy, NFT Marketplace, Venera Chain
2024 Third Phase:
B2B Blockchain Services and Solutions